Insights into training at Event Rent

Elisa, 19 years old - my everyday life as an event management trainee

In my one and a half years at Event Rent I have already experienced a lot. From the daily office routine to on-site project support and insight into the various departments in our company, I've experienced just about everything.

At the beginning of the training, I got to know all the work processes in the office. After I had learned how to process customer inquiries, I was quickly allowed to advise and support customers personally and on the phone.

My first on-site assignment wasn't long in coming either. In the first few months, I accompanied our project managers to projects such as the DKM or the Caravan Fair in Düsseldorf. But even apart from trade fairs, I was able to accompany many other projects.

It was always great to see how the weeks of planning were put into practice and how a successful event was staged in the end.

After I have been working a lot in the office, I am now allowed to accompany even more projects. Here I will now get to know the complete process - from the first customer meeting to the processing in the office to the organization of the set-up and dismantling on site.

In addition to working in the office and at events, I attend school in Münster one or two days a week. Here we are taught the theoretical basics of the profession in subjects such as event management or service processes. But we don't miss out on the practical side of things at school either, so we're currently organizing an event that will take place in spring.

In the end, I can say that I do not regret that I have chosen this trainig or Event Rent. The work here in the team is varied and you can always learn something from your colleagues. I especially like the fact that we are involved in so many different events. Whether small or large, each event brings its own challenges, which we overcome together as a team. So it never gets boring and no two days are the same. That's what makes the event industry so fascinating to me.

I'm excited to see what the last year of my training has in store for me and I'm looking forward to many new experiences and more events that we can realize together as a team.