Insights into training at Event Rent - Jule

Jule, 18 years old – my experiences at the DKM in Dortmund

After just three months in my apprenticeship as an event manager, I was able to accompany our project managers at DKM in Dortmund. As a result, I was able to get an insight into the world of events at the beginning of my training.

DKM is a trade fair in Dortmund where products and services from the financial and insurance sectors are presented by many individual companies. It lasts a total of two days and comprises six halls and the foyer.

I was particularly fascinated by the extensive planning and preparation of events of this dimension. Not only the internal organisation, but also the agreement with the other service providers, who are also on site, is essential.

For this reason, six days before the start of the event, we processed the first truck loads and unloaded them at a central point in order to then set up the items at the appropriate location. This involved various furniture, catering equimpent and floor coverings, which had to be distributed in 6 different halls. With a team of about 10 people every day in different shifts, the halls were given life in the course oft he construction. A total of 22 truck loads of material were installed. An achievement that can only be mastered with a lot of teamwork. Being a part of it has been a great pleasure for me all along and it has given me the necessary motivation. In the end it was a really good feeling to see the result.

Also during the actual event we were on site and have rearranged our furniture for an evening event in the background. On the last day of the fair, after it is over, we started with the dismantling and as time-efficient as possible dismantled the entire furniture and packed it for transport. The mining took about two and a half days in total.

For me personally, this major event in the early stages of my training was very impressive and enriching. I now understand the whole process better and can estimate the enormous organisation behind such big event. I was able to gain many new insights into the profession of event clerk.