Insights into the dual study course at Event Rent

Since August 2021, I have been pursuing a part-time degree in Event and Trade Fair Management at EVENT RENT. The study program is structured as a distance learning program, but it doesn't lack support from the university. There's a manageable group of students and the contact with instructors and organizers is very personal. Whenever I have questions or problems, someone is always there to listen.

People often hear that balancing work and study in a dual study program is challenging. The good thing about the program and also EVENT RENT itself is that I can easily balance everything. Most lectures take place on weekends, and the material can be easily incorporated into my schedule. Even if I have to work on weekends (setting up, breaking down or preparing for an event), I have the material to work on before or after the lecture. There are no traditional exam periods, instead, there are weekend lectures on a subject/topic and then I write the exam more or less immediately. I really like this approach as I'm not a fan of exam periods where I have to write 3 or more exams per week.

This is no different at EVENT RENT. A mix of young and youthful colleagues creates a very pleasant and familial work atmosphere. Colleagues often meet outside of work and participate in leisure activities together, like bike rides. I like that the contact with customers in the event sector is generally more relaxed than in other industries. It's more the rule than the exception to address each other informally.

Both working in the office and outside, whether it's at customer appointments or at events themselves, brings a lot of variety, challenges and fun. I meet many interesting people, as well as cool locations and events. No two days are the same. Every event brings new challenges and problems that need to be addressed and solved. In the end, however, I always find a common solution and can be proud of satisfied customers and clients – and I personally grow from these tasks.

I would always choose this path again.